Born and raised in Colorado I grew up chasing Pheasant and Quail on the eastern plains with my father and our English Pointers.  I quickly learned the value of a well trained gun dog and also developed a strong desire for upland hunting. That passion has carried on today as we strive to produce some of the best hunting and trial prospects.  Today we are a small kennel located in Frederick Colorado. Our dogs are expected to perform to the highest standards, posses exceptional confirmation, and have an outstanding drive to hunt for the gun.  Typically we will raise our dogs from puppies to around 2 years of age and then they are offered to the public as finished hunting dogs or competition trial dogs.

We produce 1-2 litters a year and each season only accept a very limited number of client dogs for puppy development, formal training, and also trained retrieve.  This allows us to spend more individual time with the prospect which results in a well broke gun dog.  We have 160 acres of prime training grounds that consists of CRP and prairie grass.  To provide as much wild bird exposure as possible, each year we travel to Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Texas.  In the off season we also compete in walking field trials and are members of the National Shoot-to-Retrieve Association (NSTRA).

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