Facey Kennels competes on a regular basis in National-Shoot-to-Retrieve-Association (NSTRA) field trials held through out the Rocky Mountain region. The NSTRA field trials were started by a group of dedicated bird hunters who were looking for a way to extend the fun they enjoyed with their bird dogs after their season ended. Field Trials, under hunting conditions, were the answer. They not only extend the season, they also provide a sportsmanlike environment where they can compete with others who enjoy bird dogs. NSTRA sanctioned Field Trials are open to all pointing breed dogs and are conducted under conditions closely resembling actual wild bird hunting. They are conducted by clubs and individuals throughout the country. Entry fees are kept to a minimum. Placements are recorded and Champions are recognized by NSTRA. Over fourteen hundred sanctioned trials are conducted each year. NSTRA also conducts 5 National Championship Trials. The Rocky Mountain region has some the toughest competition you will find in NSTRA. For more information please visit www.nstra.org and also our regional website www.rocky-mt-nstra.com

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