Welcome to the home of Facey Kennels owned and operated by Mark Aaron Facey. Striving to produce superb bird dogs for the avid hunter and field trial competitor for over 15 years, dogs produced perform to the highest standards, posses exceptional confirmation, and have an outstanding drive to hunt for the gun. Located in Erie, Colorado, Facey Kennels specializes in English Pointers and trains all pointing upland breeds.

Facey Kennels strives to produce some of the best hunting and trial prospects. Typically Facey Kennels will raise prospects from puppies to around 2 years of age and then they are offered to the public as finished hunting dogs or competition trial dogs. Our english pointer lines consisted of "Honky Tonk Attitude" in the earlier days, to the white dogs of today out of "NCH Lester's Snowatch" and "NCH Millers Dialing In" lines.  We produce 1-2 litters a year and each season only accept a limited number of client dogs for puppy development, formal training, and also trained retrieve.  Facey Kennels pride itself with being a smaller operation, which allows us to spend more  individual time with your dog resulting in a well broke, quality bird dog.

over15 years producing quality bird dogs

We have 160 acres of prime training grounds just 15 mins from the kennel that consists of CRP, dry land prairie grass, and other natural objectives.  To provide as much wild bird exposure as possible, each year we take our dogs (and clients dogs) to areas such as Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Where ever the birds are, we go!


*Dogs for sale (Puppies, started & finished dogs) are available at various times throughout the year, please contact us for availability and pricing.

proven pointing dog training
trained by the best

Utilizing the proven methods engrained by Rick & Ronnie Smith, Bill West, and Dave Walker, Facey Kennels has been trained by the best in the business. From puppy development to finished dog, you can expect professional gundog training.  As a prerequisite each dog will  be evaluated for desire to hunt and prey drive prior to acceptance.


The training process moves through various stages that are proven to cater to your dogs learning process. After the training program is complete, the owner will also be trained on how to effectively handle and enforce the broke dog before taking home. Tune-ups and/or and wild bird hunting/scouting trips for any dog purchased or trained by Facey Kennels are also available.


This program produces a soft mouth, straight out and back retrieve to hand and hunt dead, all on command. we  recommend your dog already have been through formal training.


Duration: 4-6 weeks               Min Age: 1 yr


After completion of this program, you can expect a dog that will hunt with you, come to you, quarter, steady to wing and shot, honor point (back), whoa, turn with whistle, and stop to flush.


Duration: 3 months            Min Age: 1 yr


This program allows puppies or dogs with no bird exposure to develop their natural abilities. They are introduced to the field, birds, gun shot, water, fence crossings, and other natural obstacles.


Duration: 1 month          Rec Age: 4 mos +

tune-ups & camps

Tune-ups, summer & fall  camps, and in-season wild bird hunting trips for any dog purchased or trained by Facey Kennels are also available.



Duration: Varies                       Min Age: 1 yr

*Prospects accepted annually in April and July on a limited basis. Please contact for current pricing.


Facey Kennels is conventionally located in Erie Colorado, 40 mins north of Denver on just under three fully fenced acres, Here we focus on fundamental skills, general obedience, and daily conditioning & free run.


Our newly constructed kennels adhere to strict cleaning regiments governed by the state of Colorado. We offer climate controlled indoor/outdoor runs that are very spacious measuring at 5ft x 15ft outside and 4ft x 4ft inside.


We also have 160 acres of prime training grounds located just 15 minutes away consisting of CRP, dry-land prairie grass, and other natural objectives. Our training grounds are one of the best areas around!


We feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan 30/20 Performance blend at our kennel. Its an excellent diet for dogs that burn a lot of energy. Dogs on this diet can expect higher endurance, firm stools, and overall good body condition and health.




B I R D  D O G S  M A D E  H E R E

some of our favorite memories

The endless pursuit of wild birds has taken us to many unique destinations throughout the US.  With the many miles we have traveled comes all the great dogs in between that have left footprints on our hearts.




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*Dogs for sale (Puppies, Started & Finished) are available at various times of the year,  please contact us for availability and pricing.


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